Intel Network Partner Builders Day: Community-based MANO Projects – Will they Impact the Proprietary Status Quo?

With the goal of fostering an open software ecosystem and a cost-effective, rapid service deployment model, Intel is working with open source communities to establish orchestration solutions based on common information and data models that align with ETSI NFV and meet multiple carrier-grade NFV use cases.

One such community, the recently announced Open Source MANO (OSM), originated as an operator-led initiative and is now comprised of over 22 service providers and solution vendors. Intel believes Service Provider-led ecosystems, such as OSM, working in conjunction with other vibrant SDN-NFV communities and Intel Network Builders will play a critical role in accelerating SDN-NFV deployments due to speed of innovation and the enablement of industry scale.

This panel will discuss the potential impact of these emerging ecosystems and the challenges facing orchestration deployments.

  • Soumen Chatterjee, Director Product Line Management, Ciena
  • Sandro Mazziotta, Director NFV Product Management, Red Hat
  • Vincent Spinelli, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing,
  • Les Stuart, Director of Management Solutions, HPE

Moderated by:
Chris Buerger | SDN/NFV Marketing Manager | Intel

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