Hyperscale Engine

RIFT.ware Orchestration and Automation relies on a powerful engine. The RIFT.ware Hyperscale Engine is a modular and integrated development environment for building multi-VM VNFs that feature resiliency, scalability, and elasticity. RIFT.ware Orchestration and Automation leverages the Hyperscale Engine to deliver a highly scalable MANO platform. The Hyperscale Engine reduces development time and accelerates time to market of cloud native, distributed VNFs and communications applications.

The Hyperscale Engine features unique capabilities not found anywhere else:

Distributed Application Management Framework

Simplifies the development of multi-VM VNFs with distributed FCAPS framework, high performance data path, and hierarchical fault containment zones.

Distributed & Extensible Packet Classification Subsystem

Delivers massive scalability without management complexity by allowing multiple servers to act as a single elastic network entity (single IP). Provides elastic I/O capacity and performance in your VNF.

Distributed Transaction System

Maintain state of complex network services even across hybrid clouds and multiple data centers at massive scale.

Distributed x86 Fastpath Engine

Provides high-performance, high scalability packet demux functions to enable distribution of traffic to multiple horizontally scaled packet processing functions. The Distributed Fastpath Engine behaves as a massively scalable software NPU able to store billions of flows and millions of flow updates per second and supports resilient flow matching patterns at L2 (Ethernet), L3 (IP), and L4+ (web, content, etc.)

Modular Architecture

Modular platform lets you choose which libraries to include in your VNF/application and integrate with existing third-party orchestrators and SDN controllers.