Orchestration & Automation

Orchestrate Complex Multi-Vendor Network Services

RIFT.ware is an ETSI-compliant NFV MANO solution and commercial distribution of ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM) that radically simplifies the deployment of multi-vendor VNFs and orchestration of complex, multi-vendor network services in carrier and enterprise clouds. It is everything needed for highly automated, end-to-end service delivery and lifecycle management. RIFT.ware features intelligent workload placement and integrated platform awareness (EPA), such as Intel Enhanced Platform Awareness, to optimally use available network and cloud infrastructure capabilities.

RIFT.ware’s orchestration and automation capabilities are unique in the industry:


RIFT.ware MANO functionality creates a VNF Descriptor (VNFD) and Network Service Descriptor (NSD).


RIFT.ware works with your choice of cloud management system and SDN to program compute and network resources and create a secure, virtual environment for running virtual network services.


RIFT.ware MANO onboards the Network Service Descriptor (NSD) which then creates a network topology and automatically places the VNF on the optimal networking and compute infrastructure.


Deliver dynamic service instantiation and automatically add new VNF instances or more compute resources for resiliency and scale.


Start with a single VNF on a single compute instance and scale across data centers and provision services in public clouds. RIFT.ware supports hybrid cloud, all managed as one environment.