Automate the Deployment and Operation of Virtualized Network Services

RIFT.ware automates the complex processes required to design, deploy, and scale virtualized network functions and services.

Choose VNFs

Compose network services

Deploy on choice of cloud

Manage the life cycle

Deliver Unprecedented Service Velocity

Increase service velocity by automating the on-boarding, continuous delivery, and scaling of VNFs and multi-vendor network services.

Change Network Service Economics

Rapidly deploy multi-vendor VNFs on any cloud and radically reduce the cost of operating virtualized services and open source software.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-in

Choose any VNF, any cloud, and ensure interoperability in any service provider operational environment. RIFT.ware is published as open source software and features open APIs and interfaces.

Onboarding Tool

Creating a VNF Descriptor Package for virtualized network function/service is essential for deploying and operating your solution in your customer’s NFV and NFV MANO environment. Take your first steps today.

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