RIFT.ready Partner Program

Being RIFT.ready

The RIFT.ready Partner Program is an open ecosystem of business and technology partners collaborating to build great things. Telecommunications and cloud service providers and enterprises can tap into a vibrant solution ecosystem to accelerate their network transformation.

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RIFT.ready Validated VNFs and Solutions

RIFT.io provides a programmatic way for NFV technology providers and VNF and application builders to validate their solutions, ensure interoperability of APIs and interfaces, and certify with RIFT.ware’s MANO and ETSI Open Source MANO. Service providers and enterprises benefit from validated solutions that deploy faster and work in their current environment.

VNF and Application Builders

VNF and application builders can more quickly build and deploy cloud-native virtualized network functions and applications. Validated RIFT.ready solutions ensure interoperability in any customer’s MANO environment and accelerate deployment.

Solution Partners

Technology providers with adjacent and complementary technologies to RIFT.ware™ collaborate to ensure interoperability, validate solutions, and expand their offerings to include automated deployment and orchestration of multi-vendor network services on RIFT.ware and ETSI Open Source MANO.

Systems Integrator Partners

Systems integrators and value-added resellers validate solutions and expand their offerings and expertise to include automated deployment and orchestration. SIs and VARs can market complete solutions that include orchestration and automation with RIFT.ware and ETSI Open Source MANO.

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